IPR Conference 2014
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Speakers include:
Ruud Peters, IP and Strategic Advisor, Executive Vice President of Philips

Andrea Silvestrini, GM, CFO Intellectual Property Group at Microsoft

John Nevard, Director, Intellectual Property at Cambridge Display Technology Ltd.

Andrew Browne, Senior IP Counsel Shell

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Join leading global IP executives
...And world renowned patent experts in a multi-day seminar devoted to learning the tools and techniques that will help you to extract new value from your company's Intellectual Property.

The conference is designed for In House IP Professionals, General Counsels, CFOs, CEOs and their advisors, who will hear key industry players share their knowledge for building, managing, valuating, investing in and protecting their IP in order to increase its value.

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Why attend?
This year's Conference will give participants the opportunity to learn:
  • Practical new ideas that you can then apply to your own company
  • Strategies for safeguarding your company's IP portfolio
  • How to valuate your IP portfolio
  • Tips on building your IP portfolio so you will not get sued
  • How to increase the value of your IP to create new business value
  • How peers receive buy-in from their Boards for new IP investments
  • How to use IP to survive in the mobile device and apps market
With a focus also on IP portfolio management and valuation methods, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and their colleagues, and delve into specific topics of individual interest.

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New for 2014: Masters Classes
Day Two: Global Leaders Conduct Masters Classes
Responding to many requests, we're pleased to introduce Masters Classes in 2014. These in-depth sessions will be conducted during the morning of May 28 (the day after the General Conference) and will feature many of our Key Speakers in 3 hour sessions that are conducive to detailed learning and discussion. Attendance will be limited with registration on a first-come basis. General Conference attendees will benefit from a significant discount in Masters Class fees.

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