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Business Hours
Banks, post office, major shops and public offices are generally open as follows:
Sunday to Thursday – 08:30-13:00; 16:00-18:30
Friday – 08:30-12:00
Saturday – Closed

Climate and Clothing
The weather in October - November in Tel Aviv is mild with occasional rain showers. The average daily temperature is 24°C. Light clothing with something warm to wear in the evenings is recommended.

Credit Cards
American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops.
Travel check

Currency (and Travelers' Checks in most major foreign currencies) can be exchanged at any bank, post office, most of the larger hotels and various currency exchange locations around the city.
In Israel banknotes are issued in Shekels (ILS) in the following denominations: 20 ILS, 50 ILS, 100 ILS and 200 ILS. Coins in use are: 10 Agorot, 50 Agorot, 1 ILS, 2 ILS, 5 ILS and 10 ILS (One New Israeli Shekel = 100 Agorot).
As of July 2010,1 ILS is approximately equivalent to 0.26 USD and to 0.21 Euros.

Electricity Supply
Voltage in Israelis: 230 Volts (50 Hz). Please note the socket types below (diagram #1 is the most currently available socket type). An adaptor may be needed. Adaptors are easy to find in airports, hotels, or shops in the area. It is recommended to purchase these items in Israel in order to ensure that it will function.

The organizers cannot accept any responsibility for accidents, losses and/or damage which may occur. Participants are advised to obtain travel, medical, personal accident and luggage insurance in their home country prior to departure.

Internet Connections
All hotels that are working with this event have internet connections (cable and/or wireless) either on a paying basis or as a complimentary service. Participants are advised to check availability and rates with their chosen hotel.

Meal Facilities
Tel Aviv offers a large number of various ethnic restaurants to suit every budget. Relevant details and information are available through hotel concierge services.

Passports, Visas and Vaccination
All travelers need to have a passport with at least six months of remaining validity from the date of entry to Israel as well as a return ticket from Israel.
Participants are advised to check with their local travel agency about regulations regarding passports, visas, and vaccinations and, particularly, the time required for obtaining a visa, if necessary. In case of doubt, information can be obtained from the nearest Israeli embassy, consulate or diplomatic mission.
If needed, the organizing committee will send an official invitation to participants who have indicated this request in their registration form.

Postal Rates
Most large hotels will be able to assist you with any postal services you may require.

Smoking is not allowed in public buildings, shopping precincts, cinemas, theatres or public transport. In hotels, non-smoking floors/rooms are available and smoking rooms can be booked as well upon request on your registration form.

Taxes (16%) are included in the price of all products available for sale and services.

Public telephones are available throughout Tel Aviv and within the lobbies of most hotels. International and domestic calls can be made from hotel rooms. Israel's country code is 972.

Time Zone
Winter time will be in effect at the time of the General Meeting, meaning that Israel will be GMT +2:00.

Gratuities are optional, but the common practice is to give 15% in restaurants and bars for good service.
Taxi drivers do not expect a tip.