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Arilou Information Security Technologies ltd.

As the world becomes more computerized and connected, electronic threats become more common making the Cyber Security inseparable part of this world.
Vulnerability assessments of several cars showed a highly vulnerable security architecture (shared unsecured bus with all the ECUs) with many potentially vulnerable computers having wireless entry points (RDS, GPS, cellular, IR, WiFi, etc.).
Car cyber security poses a unique challenge for the protector that is quite different from the one encountered by IT cyber security personnel. This domain of knowledge is a close relative of the ICS (industrial control systems) cyber security domain.

We at Arilou technologies are focused on this domain and see it as the next threat to human beings from cyber-attacks.
Enabled by its innovative architecture, BufferZone automatically and transparently “wraps around” or virtualizes Internet applications and isolates threats. BufferZone does not scan for malware…it treats all downloads as untrusted yet allows applications to execute inside of the virtual zone while not requiring any security updates or security decisions ― ever. Computers and computer systems protected by BufferZone are automatically protected from known and unknown malware, viruses, spyware, rootkits and Trojans. As all virtualized processes are deemed untrusted, any modification requested by a program running in the virtual zone is performed within the boundaries of the isolated area and will not affect the computer’s actual configuration, data or files. The file system, registry, confidential data and the network are all protected by BufferZone from programs and processes running inside of the virtual zone. Finally, the BufferZone can be emptied, literally with the click of a button or automatically, thus removing any undetected malware residing inside of the virtual zone and protecting the vital information on the computer or network. BufferZone Network Isolation: This new technology solution leverages BZ’s capabilities and applies them to corporate networks to completely isolate a firm’s private network from their public network while allowing employees to continue to work as usual.
Ceedo Technologies Ltd.

Ceedo Technologies develops innovative, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions that overcome complicated challenges facing modern IT. Utilizing its proprietary virtualization technology, Ceedo's products are used by over 4,000,000 users worldwide for portable computing, application deployment, security solutions, and more. Ceedo's versatility and reliability, has acquired Ceedo partnerships with key market players such as: McAfee, Avaya, Imation and others.



CELARE is subsidiary of BATM group
CELARE market focus is Military, Defense and critical infrastructures organizations.
• Cyber Security solutions
• IP Network & Communication products and solutions
• Turn key defense communications projects
CELARE provides Cyber Security products and solutions:
• High bandwidth secure IP transport: Integrated Switch /Router / inline Encryption in speeds up to 40Gbps
• Advanced Network monitoring that provides organizations the ability to deploy large amount of smart network probes which enables overall understanding what is happening on the network including and all relevant Network threats with tools like : Network Interception, Business intelligence and Network Anomaly detection.

Comsec Consulting, for over two decades, has delivered cutting edge high-end comprehensive Information Security, Cyber Security and Risk Management services across the globe. During this time, Comsec has provided high quality consulting services to 600 organizations in 22 countries. Comsec has time and again been selected as the solution of choice for many enterprises whose success depends on information being transferred securely and safely over public and internal networks.


Cyber-Ark® Software is a global information security company that specializes in protecting and managing privileged users,applications and sensitive information to improve compliance, productivity and protect organizations against insider threats and advanced external threats. With its award-winning Privileged Identity Management, Privileged Session Management  and Sensitive Information Management suites, organizations can more effectively manage and govern data center access and activities, whether on-premise, off-premise or in the cloud, while demonstrating returns on security investments.
Cyber-Ark Software was founded in 1999 by a team of industry-recognized security experts with the aim of producing a truly effective security offering where complete end-to-end security was the initial, key design consideration rather than applied as an afterthought. Cyber-Ark works with over 1,100 global customers,including more than 35 percent of the Fortune 100 and 8 of the 10 largest banks worldwide.Headquartered in Newton,Massachusetts, Cyber-Ark hasoffices andauthorizedpartnersin North America, Europe and AsiaPacific.

DRD - Dynamo Risk Defense

Define, Design, Specify - DRD identifies relevant security needs and offers conceptual solutions for its customers. Defense and security products are characterized by changing technology and high prices and there is a significant need to offer customer targeted solutions for their security concern. DRD provides the exact technology solution combining its own know-how and those of its partners at the best price value for its customers. The solution may be easily upgraded as new technology becomes available and the older components may be dismantled and used for future solutions together or as a stand-alone.
Current sample "Areas of Activity": Sea territory solutions against illegal swimmers and small boats, simulator solutions for training UAV personnel, Critical Infrastructure Protection - virtual fences and underground cameras for defense, underwater USVscooters, network security courses and unique software solutions, Cyber satellite training courses, Military Equipment - advanced devices for military and homeland security - authorized reseller of IMOD, other focused solutions. DRD also knows how to streamline and cut through to find the exact solution according to customer requirement or need, based on system engineering and specifications that we define together with the client.
Cyber and Insider Threat IT Solution - The company has developed an insider threat - cyber protection IT solution to be used to assess vulnerability due to actions of employees or vendors. These personnel may threaten the security of the enterprise network by the incorrect operation of the system or by deliberate actions which could threaten the entire system by allowing threatening penetration of the enterprise system. The software assesses the employee or vendor behavior, identifies the threat and works to eliminate the internal threat in real time. The software fits all, government, industrial and commercial companies by defining misconduct by sector or industry.
The software is distributed with the approval of the Israeli Defense Ministry.

Foresight- Information Security Technologies

At the onset of the third millennium, many companies' websites are critical to their operation. Therefore, they must find a way to achieve uninterrupted availability and backup, to ensure business continuity.
Foresight's flagship offering is Foresight™ AIR, an innovative and unique product/technology, which duplicates websites and uploads them to the cloud. The sites thus benefit from enhanced security and abundant computing resources, as well as from CDN. Foresight™ AIR was developed to enable companies to withstand diverse cyber-attacks and continue operating smoothly. It is designed to meet the needs of a variety of end users, from SMBs to enterprise.
Foresight was established in 2010 with the aim of providing an effective solution to cyber threats, which have been rapidly increasing in severity and scope in recent years.
The company strives for excellence, and aims to become a leader in its field.
Foresight's clients include, among others, financial organizations, critical infrastructures, e-government infrastructures, communication and media companies, security organizations.
Foresight™ AIR is an innovative product, which comprises a significant breakthrough in website backup and business continuity solutions

  Gama Operations Ltd

GAMA Operations is an international company based in Israel, since 1995 Gama specialized in advanced crucial telecommunications systems to Governmental (HLS) and business organizations. our systems developed in-house by a highly skilled team drawn from the cream of Israel's technological talent that have proven their market success. Over 15,000 offices, businesses and Governmental organizations in Israel and abroad have purchased a wide range of GAMA's VOIP protection, unified solutions and IVR applications.
GAMA Operations has gained a strong reputation for the crucial telecom systems designed for emergency services - where the test is the ability to handle huge workloads within highly pressured time periods. Since 2000 the company has supplied the Israeli Defense Forces the main call-up system used for emergencies and military training.
As part of the HLS solutions - Gamma Company leads the security solutions for IP telephony; in addition, the company developed new promising solution to Secure and Encrypt telephony based on SIP. The company is highly adaptive to client requirements and uses its expert skills to respond rapidly and reliably to calls from anywhere around the world. GAMA Operations builds for customers a complete turnkey solution or contribute expertise at any specific stage – all with the goal of significantly improving the client's operational performance.

Our main advantage against the giants you mentioned are:

1.            The ability to provide tailor made solutions.
2.            Pricing – we can handle small medium projects.
3.            High grade Operational experience – the Israeli army call up system .
4.            Very flexible and upgradable.
5.            Excellent ROI for medium large scale projects.
6.            Integration with many different kinds of PBX & soft-switchs.

You can learn more details about our company on

Hybrid Security

Hybrid Security leads the new generation of website security.
Telepath, Hybrid Security's flagship product, prevents cyber attacks and fraud attempts against web applications before they can cause any damage. Telepath learns the unique business logic of each application. By profiling every web user, Telepath detects anomalous behavior. Telepath produces actionable alerts and enables instantaneous online threat mitigation. Telepath protects online businesses against unknown zero-day attacks using the first hybrid rule-based / heuristic engine in the world. As a transparent, out-of-band solution, Telepath allows for rapid network deployment without any downtime or interference in production environments. In today's cyber warfare, most security solutions quickly become obsolete, while Telepath gets smarter as time goes by, providing stronger protection and the best ROI on the market.

LACOON Security, founded by mobile security experts from the Defense
and Telco industries, focuses on providing revolutionary network and client
based protection against mobile threats.
The company’s solution addresses the emerging challenge of protecting
mobile devices from cyber-crime and cyber-espionage.
LACOON’s Security Mobile Cyber Protection System (MCPS) solution,
provides hermetic network and client based protection against the mobile
threats, including detection of mobile spyware, SpyPhone and malware
infections while providing IT managers a way to enforce security policies
and compliance for mobile users.
The detection process is done by a dedicated engine specializing in mobile
device vulnerabilities, attack vectors and data leakage patterns. The engine
analyzes the data using three novel algorithmic layers, including static and
dynamic inspection and Big Data analysis. Security related events are then
kept for audit and feature forensics.
LACOON Security is backed by the founders of CheckPoint, Imperva and

Reblaze is a cutting edge cloud-based Web Security Platform – protecting against DDoS, Scraping, Intrusion and all evil.
In addition, Reblaze creates a back up copy of the site and brings it into the air, in case back-end servers have been taken down.
DDoS Protection – a cutting edge Anti-DDoS technology along with bandwidth backing with a capacity of several hundreds of Gbps filter out floods of malicious traffic that would have otherwise choked your infrastructure.
Intrusion Prevention - proven Intrusion Prevention and Web Application Firewall technologies protect your site against Defacements, SQL Injections, XSS and a myriad of other web-based attacks.
Layer-10 ACL - unparalleled “layer 10” Access Control technology allowing you to control access from Countries, Cities, Networks, Companies, Anonymizer Networks, Cloud and Data-Center Networks and more.
Scraping Protection - advanced human and bot identification technology ensures your valuable business data is not scraped by automatic data scrapers such as those used by competing businesses and various unauthorized aggregators.

System availability and uptime is becoming a growing concern, as more computer networks succumb to hacking attacks and malicious code infiltrations. 90% of companies have been compromised without even knowing it.
Sasa-Software offer a simple comprehensive solution, GATE SCANNER, to secure and control data transferring, through both physical media and network communications, which provides protection that any size organization should have and deploy, to ensure business continuity.

produces Expert Open Source & Deep Web Intelligence by running online Virtual HUMINT™ operations on our powerful and proprietary HIWIRE™ Web Intelligence system. The company focuses its efforts on tactical counter-terrorism, cyber-terror, and business intelligence, alongside development of its unique Web Intelligence technology.

Votiro raises a fortified gate protecting the enterprise network. It has earned the respect of scores of customers who are secured with the knowledge that unknown exploits are detected and crushed before they surface.

Customers include network equipment providers, software vendors, government agencies, financial institutions, telecom enterprises and large organizations who have integrated Votiro secured solutions easily and seamlessly.


Waterfall Security Solutions

Waterfall® Security Solutions Ltd. is the leading provider of Unidirectional Security Gateways™ and data diodes for industrial control networks and critical infrastructures.
Waterfall’s Unidirectional Gateways reduce the cost and complexity of compliance with NERC-CIP, NRC, NIST, CFATS and other regulations, as well as with cyber-security best practices.
Waterfall’s products are deployed in utilities and critical national infrastructures throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Israel.
Frost & Sullivan describe Waterfall’s solutions as ensuring “optimum security for networks across user verticals” and awarded Waterfall the 2012 Network Security Award for Industrial Control Systems Entrepreneurial Company of the Year.
Waterfall’s offerings include support for leading industrial applications, including the OSIsoft PI™ Historian, the GE Proficy™ iHistorian, Siemens SIMATIC™/Spectrum™ solutions and GE OSM™ remote monitoring platforms, as well as OPC, Modbus, DNP3, ICCP and other industrial protocols.

Wave Systems is a pioneer in Trusted Computing and a leading provider of Cybersecurity building blocks such as Data Protection, Authentication and Malware Protection solutions which include Self Encrypting Drive Management, Secure Boot Attestation, Bitlocker Management, Secure Device authentication, removable media encryption, endpoint data protection and loss prevention through content aware control and encryption on Windows, Mac, cloud services and mobile devices.

WiseSec Ltd. develops and manufactures advanced mobile platform micro-location solutions for the security, defense and retail industries. 
The company specializes in indoor and outdoor location tracking, mobile security, data loss prevention, mobile cyber protection, and mobility customer experience technologies for the retail market.
WiseSec's cutting edge, field proven solutions provide its customers with the most advanced, cost effective and secure mobility experiences available today.